Getting into a Birth Pool Safely and Simply


Provision of a sturdy step unit, extra-wide rim and an internal support seat makes getting into the pool safe & simple. Our Active Birth Pools are 75cm tall and have a depth of 63.5cm.

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FICORE® Composite – Data Sheet


Choice of material is fundamental to the long-term success and life cycle value of a water birth pool. Active Birth Pools are fabricated from FICORE® composite. FICORE® was the first material ever developed specifically

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Active Birth Pools Catalogue


Our Active Birth Pool range has an incomparable combination of design, materials and manufacturing. Providing unparalleled comfort, safety and support. The soft, round contours and organic form make the pool extremely accessible, comfortable &

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Birth Pool Light and Sound


Light and sound play a significant role in the creation of a better birthing environment. Our easy-to-use lighting and sound systems make it simple for mothers and midwives to control and personalise the atmosphere

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