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Venus Water Birth Pool

Mid Sized Stunning Water Birth Pool

The Venus birthing pool is only slightly smaller inside than the luxurious Active Birth Pool and has all the same key features, with the exception of the rim level seat. Mothers have plenty of room to move freely, instinctively finding the most comfortable and beneficial positions.

Venus Birth Pool

The extra-wide front rim makes it easy for mothers to get in and out of our pools. They just sit on it and swivel – simple and safe! It also makes it possible for midwives to safely evacuate mothers in case of an emergency.

Venus Water Birth Pool

Venus II Water Birth Pool

Takes birth pool design to a new dimension

We’ve taken the iconic Venus Birth Pool and made it even better! If you look at the back rim, you’ll notice a distinctive “keyhole” shaped channel cut out of it. This proprietary feature was trialled on the Princess Pool and proved a success that we’ve upgraded the Venus II to incorporate it.

Venus Birth Pool II

The Venus II Water Birth Pool is the same width as the original model but slightly longer. If your room can accommodate the extra 10cm we suggest you opt for the Venus II. It’s a game-changer that makes a measurable difference.

Venus Birth Pool II

Venus II/360 Water Birth Pool

The newest freestanding birth pool with a bespoke Water Column

The mid-size Venus II/360 Water Birth Pool is the perfect choice for rooms where end users want the pool away from the wall. It combines intelligent design with superior materials. The birth pool builds quality to create a birthing pool that delivers superior value, outstanding performance, and unparalleled safety. We’ve increased access around the back of the pool and developed the Water Column to create a birth pool that is safer and more user-friendly.

Venus II 360 Water Birth Pool with Water Colum 1

We’ve transformed the Venus II as a freestanding pool by rounding off the back with a broad curve and adding a bespoke Water Column. The specially designed Water Column adds another dimension by giving mothers a choice of hand holds for support in upright and vertical positions.

The Water Column is fixed away from the pool to give mothers complete freedom of movement around the rim and to separate the plumbing from the pool to optimise hygiene and water safety. The wide rim, step unit, and grab rail make it easy for mothers to get in and out of the pool.


Length: 2065mm
Width: 1350mm
Height: 770mm
Depth: 640mm
Weight (empty): 90kg
Capacity: 510 litres
Material: Ficore® composite
Guarantee: Lifetime

Venus II/360 Water Birth Pool Technical Specifications

What are the Venus Water Birth Pools made from?

Our water birth poolsare made from an exceptional material called Ficore® composite, far superior to the materials used to make other birth pools. Ficore’s unique properties enable us to sculpt complex, sensual forms that make our pools incredibly comfortable and intellectually appealing.

Ficore® – The Key To The Success Of Our Pools:

  1. Highly polished finish is ultra-smooth, tactile and warm to the touch
  2. Resistant to bacteria, cleaning agents and harsh disinfectants
  3. Superior heat retention (.7 degrees heat loss per hour)
  4. Stronger, more durable and easily repaired like new
  5. Less slippery and easy to clean
  6. Highest water safety and hygiene standards
  7. Highly sustainable, longer life and better performance for your investment

Venus Water Birth Pools Gallery

Freedom of Movement in an Active Birth Pool

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